About Me

Me, myself and I. These are the words that keep repeating over and over and over inside my head when I think about what I should really be writing about. It’s really quite narcissistic if you think about it: some random dude on a rant about himself and fully expecting complete strangers to accept him and such…

Shaun Hurry’s the name, and nutrition is the soon-to-be game! I am still currently in school at the University of Alberta, located in the frigid northern expanse of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, North America, Earth. I’m in my fifth year of the Nutrition and Food Sciences (NuFS) degree program hoping to specialize in obesity and community healthy promotion. Apparently I felt that doing a degree in four years would be way too traditional, so here I am doing a few more victory laps around my degree.

I am most probably the strangest nutrition kid in existence. If not only for the fact that I’m male, but because up until recently I absolutely despised vegetables and anything health related! And to top it all off I was (and am still not quite) skinny, making me a major target for professors looking to pick on a student in class. However, after laboriously losing 50 lbs. this past year, and through intensively forced cooking and food experimentation, I have come to embrace all that is nutrition! Well…mostly…

It is actually due to the recent food experimentation that I have stumbled upon the idea of blogging. To share my thoughts, whims, advice and person developmental journey to the world in the hopes of maybe being discovered globally, so that articles can be published in my honour, and books can be written, and I can be the next Julie & Julia movie starring Jude Law or Ewan McGregor as myself! Seriously though….it could happen…right?

Now hopefully your attention has been caught in some way by the sheer awesomeness that is my blog (don’t go blind), and you will keep coming back for more and more and more. Incidentally, I have conveniently placed a magical subscription button at the top-ish right-hand side of the page just for you. Click it while I wait…OK great!

But ya, I guess that’s me in a highly summarized nutshell.

Cya 🙂


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